Why The Background Of Jim Plante Positions Him As A Leader In Technology & Healthcare Investment

The two fastest growing industries in the United States are the technology and health care sectors. The rate of their growth makes them an excellent choice for investors who are looking to increase their wealth and get a profitable return on their investments. All of the information available can make it tricky to determine the best investment advice to follow, but few resources compare to the knowledge available from Jim Plante. Here is a quick look at his background, and why his investing advice is some of the most reliable information available.

Education Experience

Mr. Plante’s early education revolved around the technology sector, as he graduated with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University. This allowed him to have an in depth knowledge of technology trends, and an understanding of the challenges that technology companies face in an ever changing world. His education then took him on to many different professional successes in a variety of industries.

Work Experience

In his early years, Mr. Plante was a pivotal force in the merger and creation of Beltronics Inc., which is a leading provider of radar safety equipment. He then went on to start E-Band Communications and develop one of the earliest wireless communication networks ever used. After that, he then took his love for safety and innovation to SmartDrive Systems, where he was a leading role in creating security systems that utilize wireless communication and GPS technology to increase the safety of vehicles large and small.

Philanthropic Work

While his education and work experience are both impressive, his knowledge doesn’t end there. Mr. Plante created a non-profit organization, The Foundation For Kidney Transplant Research, which is dedicated to utilizing technology to help individuals who are in need of a kidney transplant. This area of philanthropy furthered his knowledge even more, by allowing him to act as a leader in health care technology.

The insight and knowledge available from Mr. Plante can be a great source of information to investors young and old. Check out his website to learn more about his background, and how he became a leader in the technology and health care industries.