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What Military Spouses Should Know About Career Training

Being a military spouse can be intensely rewarding, but also challenging. While your second half is deployed around the world, it can be difficult to get your career off the ground. Let’s look at a few ways you could arrange your career to avoid problems in the future.

The first thing to realize is that you should aim to create a career, not just a job. Ideally, you want to choose an occupation that you can perform anywhere in the world. You can easily find more information about such careers by getting in touch with any career training services that your government or a private company may provide online. Imagine the benefits of staying within a certain industry without needing to retrain or find entirely new connections with every move. This is particularly crucial if your significant other is in the military. As a final plus, schools and training centers often have spouses available specifically for military spouses.

An essential element of your career choice is location indifference. The main thing is to avoid getting used to a position that locks you into your current situation. For instance, don’t spend too long in a small store that sells very unique items to a tiny customer base. This might make it harder to convince future employers that you have a global outlook. In addition, look carefully at any credentials or certificates you hope to attain. In some cases, these only give you the right to practice in a limited geographical area. This means that you might need to exclude any potential occupations that are heavily connected to certain jurisdictions, such as law or medicine.

To make your career as portable as possible, you’ll want to acquire a skillset that can applied as widely as possible. There are several features to look for when choosing which skills to study. The most obvious is the effect of credentials that we just covered, but there are also physical or technological reasons that certain tasks are easier to perform remotely. For maximum mobility and convenience, consider a job that you can do with nothing more than a portable computer and a way to connect to the Internet.

There are several potential choices, but let’s look at a few now. Technical workers are some of the most likely to be able to work remotely. Software developers are especially likely to work anywhere due to the highly developed infrastructure for collaborating through software. Creative types have lots of options as well. Writers and designers in particular are doing well lately. Finally, clerical workers are increasingly moving to the cloud, so you may want to practice your transcription skills.

With a few of these tips under your belt, it won’t be hard to find a great career as a military spouse.

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