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The Dissimilarities between the Interest Rate and the Annual Percentage Rate on Homeowner Loans

To lots of individuals, the difficult and complex terminologies of the homeowner loans can be very perplexing.However, if you want to be on top of your debt, it is very important to understand the differences in all the costs and fees you will encounter with homeowner loans and mortgages.One of the significant difference is the annual percentage rate and the interest rates.The following are the main differences between interest rates and the annual percentage rate also known as APR.

Basically the definition of interest rate on homeowner loans is the amount of cash one will pay per year as a borrower.An example would be like if you borrow a loan of $250, 000 that has a 5%annual interest rate you will pay an interest amount of $12500. Normally you get the interest rate as a percentage. The rate will depend on several factors as illustrated by the metropolitan mortgage corporation.

Some of the factors are such as the type of loan you decide to borrow, your income, the amount of the loan and your credit score. The time duration of paying your loan and if the loan cost is settled or customizable are likewise some of this components. The interest rate does not apply to other costs with regard to borrowing a home owner loan.It is particularly what you should pay each year for the advance sum.

On the other hand, the annual percentage rate on homeowner loans takes into account other charges of the loan.Such extra costs include the broker fee, mortgage insurance, closing costs and many others.

As a result of these costs, the annual percentage rate end up being higher and unaffordable for you as a borrower.It very significant that you compare the annual percentage rates when looking at diverse mortgage loans. This is because the annual percentage rate is more expensive compared to interest rate hence the need to understand the kind of loan and the annual percentage rate that you can afford.

It is important to keep in mind that even on the adjustable-rate loans the annual percentage loan does not change, thus it is a perfect idea to ask all about the annual percentage rate on adjustable loan.Before you decide to get a homeowner loan it is advisable that you know all about the rates.

Planning and knowledge are of importance in borrowing a homeowner loan just as the other big monetary decisions you make. Therefore it is important to know the distinctions between the annual percentage rate and the interest rates for you to make the right decision.

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