How to Beat the Hair Test and Get the Job

Just about every occasional drug user who has ever looked for a job knows how to beat a urine drug test. Whether they use one of the many additives, drinks or even someone else’s urine to pass the test, they can get past this screening tool with ease. Employers realize they won’t be able to screen out every drug user with the urine test but they use them anyway because they are inexpensive. It isn’t until one of these employees is involved in an accident and needs to take an emergency urine or blood drug test that they are caught and eventually terminated. By that time, they may have cost the company a lot of money.

Another alternative is the hair test. These tests have been around for quite a while but most employers didn’t use them due to the cost. Since the technology used to process the samples has improved, the cost has gone down, making it easier for companies to invest in hair drug testing as a screening tool for new hires. Although it is more challenging, it’s still possible for a drug user to get hired if they know how to beat the hair test.

There are several shampoos on the market today and they work in different ways. It’s important to understand how the shampoo works so the user will get the maximum benefit from it. Some work by deeply cleaning the hair. This type of clean isn’t possible with standard shampoos. The cleaning agents go beneath the surface of the hair and clean the metabolites as deep as the cortex. Dying or applying other chemicals to the hair is not enough to beat a drug test. Anyone who has used drugs in the past three months but wants to pass a drug screening needs to invest in a high-quality shampoo.

Another common type of shampoo serves as a mask to make any drug use undetectable. People who don’t want to damage their hair might choose this kind of shampoo before their test. It’s important to read the label carefully because the mask only works for a short period of time. There is more risk involved in using this method but it is less likely to harm the hair.